Minister’s Corner

Minister’s Corner August 2017

For August, I’ve been reflecting on the last 9 months. The blessing it has been to be a part of this community, to be able to learn what it’s like to live as a progressive person of faith in the Midwest. The worship themes for August are “Resistance” and “Courage,” and those are truly pieces … Continued

Minister’s Corner July 2017

July’s themes are Paradise and Transcendence. Themes that might tell us there is something beyond the here and now that if or when we find it, we will be at peace. My understanding of these concepts is not of some afterlife, I have no way of knowing what awaits after my time on this earth … Continued

Minister’s Corner June 2017

June’s worship themes are Love and Grace. Love and Grace can be elusive in understanding, but I believe they are known once they are experienced. As a child, you might have experienced love from friends, family, a pet, or even a favorite tree. Then, people who have a need for romantic and/or sexual connections might … Continued

Minister’s Corner May 2017

May’s worship themes are Belonging and Interconnection. This comes at a time when the UUA is in leadership transition and the denomination at large is taking some time for self-reflection and examining internalized, unconscious racism—specifically the ways that White Supremacy is reflected in small actions by generally good people who aren’t members of hate groups. … Continued

Minister’s Corner April 2017

This last month has been one of waiting. What a coincidence that the worship themes for April are Musing, Patience, and Waiting! I found myself waiting for my appointment to see the Ministerial Fellowship with excitement and nerves—a very normal combination for big moments in life. Now that I have been welcomed into Preliminary Fellowship, … Continued

Minister’s Corner March 2017

As I write this, snow is steadily falling, but just yesterday I was walking around in short sleeves. From those few days of heat and sunshine, I gained renewed energy and hope. This month’s themes are “Faith” and “Hope”… or is it “Faith and Hope”? These two things are connected, as is much of life, … Continued

Minister’s Corner February 2017

As we continue this new year, moving toward spring and the lengthening days, I feel the anticipation of warmer weather and also know there is more time to wait. Our themes for worship this month are Longing and Wonder, which fit so well any time of year, but particularly so in these “just before” moments. … Continued