Minister’s Corner June 2017

June’s worship themes are Love and Grace. Love and Grace can be elusive in understanding, but I believe they are known once they are experienced. As a child, you might have experienced love from friends, family, a pet, or even a favorite tree. Then, people who have a need for romantic and/or sexual connections might experience the infatuation of pop songs and ballads then a steadier love of a different form. Those who have children experience yet another kind of love. So it continues throughout life.

Grace can feel even more evasive than Love. Some might say that they know a very gracious person—meaning polite or giving or something else. My working definition, or sense, of Grace is kindness with the the ability for true forgiveness from a centered place of being. It is the patient teacher accompanying the student while they learn and make mistakes. How do you experience Grace in your day?

This month, my home church will vote on the 4th about ordaining me. Prayers and positive thoughts welcome.

All Souls participates in the local Pride festival on the 17th. Come by and support the community!

 May we be open to perceiving Love and Grace in our own lives and the way we live.