Faith in a Mustard Seed

Speaker: Rev. Ted Tollefson

Worship Service Coordinator: Paul Thompson; Musician: Deb Reid

Faith in a Mustard Seed

Both Jesus and Buddha taught ways of living a good life in the midst of persistent imperfection. Both were asked to resurrect the dead. Both spoke in parables about mustard seeds. … read more.

Finding Your Song

Speaker: Dennis Warner

Worship Service Coordinator: Sue Ann Lang; Musician: Deb Reid

Does your life feel unfocused, like you’re hopping around from event to event without a clear direction? Join us for a very special morning as Dennis opens his heart with a meaningful and inspiring message … read more.

Compassion, Empathy, and Annoyance

Speaker: Lawrence Diggs

Worship Service Coordinator: Mike Huber; Musician: Joseph L’Amour

Compassion, empathy and annoyance maintain a curious relationship with each other. One challenge in life is to learn how to use this relationship to our advantage. Let’s explore this relationship and see how this can be … read more.