Yoga, Potluck, & Games

May 26th – Memorial Day Weekend, we replace our service with Yoga, Potluck, and Games. Please join us!

Lessons Learned from Journey to Foreign Lands

Worship Service Coordinator: Mike Huber; Music: Joseph L’Amour

Kristen and I are
traveling in Japan this week. Here’s some of what we’re learning so far:

1. The Japanese have
mastered the design of the bath and the bed. We’re converting.

2. We have rarely met
a more courteous, frugal and kind people. Thanks … read more.

Bringing Independent News to South Dakota

Worship Service Coordinator: Mike Huber; Music: Joseph L’Amour

South Dakota News Watch, founded in 2017, is an independent non-profit committed to reporting the most important statewide stories, from agriculture to education, public safety to politics.
Jack Marsh, Sioux Falls, S.D, is a former media and foundation … read more.

What is the Role of Memory?

Worship Service Coordinator: Scott Kunze; Music: Joseph L’Amour

What is the role of memory:  to teach, to mentor, to help us pass the gift of love from generation to generation? Perhaps memories are a kind of hieroglyphics on the heart.

Rev. Laurie Bushbaum lives in … read more.