We welcome you to visit us at 2222 S Cliff Ave. on Sunday at 10:00 am!

Here in this fellowship of seekers known as All Souls of Sioux Falls, people have gathered for decades seeking a higher purpose and deeper life than they could find alone.

We never really know what combination of fortune, friendship and serendipity it is that brings various people together for any purpose.But we believe that participation in a spiritual family calls each of us here to celebrate the fate that has drawn us together, and to regard each other as a spiritual friend and a potential teacher, even of occasional hard lessons.

The relationships we form in our spiritual community are based on needs of the heart--needs that render each of us vulnerable.  We therefore rely on each other's grace, goodness, and generosity of spirit.  As part of this fellowship we pledge to be guardians of each other's spirit, to respect the ultimate privacy of each one's human struggle, and to believe in each one's inherent dignity.