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My UU Journey

Speaker: Joy Hembel

Worship Service Coordinator: Sue Ann Lang: Music: Joseph L’Amour

Joy Hembel will share
her reflections on why she became, and continues to be, a UU. She will describe
some of her experiences at the three different UU congregations where she has
been a member … read more.

Are You a Progressive Patriot?

Speaker: Rev. Ted Tollefson

Worship Service Coordinator: Paul Thompson; Music: Anne Waltner

It is sometimes tempting to identify political conservatives
with patriotism, but it’s dangerous fun. I will suggest ways that liberals and
progressives can reclaim our patriotism by drawing a few lessons from
American Founders. What principles … read more.

Braving the Warm Summer Night

Worship Service Coordinator: Sue Ann Lang; Musician: Joseph L’Amour

Summer brings with it the season of back yard barbeques, weeding the garden, and soaking in every drop of sun after a long winter. We don’t like to think about the back breaking work of fall harvest … read more.