Remembrance Sunday

We welcome 2019 by looking back – as we move forward – reminiscing about loved ones and others who we’ve lost in 2018. What can we learn from loved ones or noted people who are no longer with us? Members to share stories.

WSC: Sue … read more.

Living Faith

Faith that can sustain our lives in challenging times has more than one dimension. It includes what we believe. It also includes what we care deeply about. And sometimes it enables us to trust what is beyond our knowing. What if faith is like a three-legged stool—-where each leg has an important role to play?

Talk: Enlightenment Through Creative Reuse

Enlightenment Through Creative Reuse

We welcome longtime All Souls’ friend Jess Miller back to speak during a family service about creating through reuse.
She will touch on how as artists we are co-creators with a Higher Power. And if we don’t create, whether it’s curtains or masterpieces, … read more.