Rites of Passage allow us to mark significant moments in our lives through ceremony. They are personal and communal, providing space for members of the church to offer themselves as witnesses and support for these sacred thresholds of life.

Weddings, Memorial Services, Child Dedications, Coming of Age Ceremonies, and Bridging Ceremonies are some of the more common Rites of Passage experienced in UU churches.

Child Dedications are usually offered once a year or as requested by parents and take the place of a traditional Sunday service. During a Child Dedication, the parent(s)/guardian(s) and church community affirm their roles in supporting the safe growth and learning of the child; the child, if old enough, promises to be bold and build a sense of self.

Coming of Age marks the transition into teenage exploration of the world and the self, this takes the place of the Sunday service and closes a year long program with mentors and youth. During the service, teens present their current personal credos which they have worked on throughout the year with their mentors.

Bridging Ceremonies are offered when teens join the Young Adult community (18-35 yrs old), they take the place of the Sunday service and celebrate the new phase of life with Young Adults welcoming new members of their community.

Weddings and Memorials are designed with the minister and the significant people involved in the ceremony.
Please contact Minister Sarah Caine for details on your own Rites of Passage, contact the All Souls Office if you are interested in renting the building for your event.