Minister’s Corner April 2017

This last month has been one of waiting. What a coincidence that the worship themes for April are Musing, Patience, and Waiting! I found myself waiting for my appointment to see the Ministerial Fellowship with excitement and nerves—a very normal combination for big moments in life. Now that I have been welcomed into Preliminary Fellowship, I find myself musing over the steps to planning an ordination. More waiting, more musing, more patience required.
Looking at the still fairly gray landscapes outside, my California-Arizona mind doesn’t quite know what to make of a late March that looks like my former January. But, I know that green and warmth are on the way. I hear the birds singing more and more. The sunlight lingering just a bit longer. I joyfully welcome the turning of the seasons!
April brings Passover and Easter: Passover being a time to remember and celebrate liberation from oppression; Easter being a time of hope in the messages of grace and love as preached by Jesus. How can we honor these messages in the traditions of our religious heritage as UUs? This is my musing for the month: authentic integration.
There are several other notable happenings in April—the Good Friday vigil to end the death penalty, at which I will be giving a homily. Regional Assembly, a gathering (this year in Chicago) of thousands of UUs from the MidAmerica Region to learn in workshops, participate in large worships, and connect with others of this movement. I hope you will join me at one or both of these important events.
May we have the patience to muse and wait so we may integrate our past and present. May we be transformed with the turning of the seasons.
Blessed Be.