Speaker: Scott Kunze

The Art of Listening

Speaker: Scott Kunze

Music: Deb Reid

As our years, experiences, and memories accumulate, why is it we may continually reinforce long held beliefs, opinions, and childhood indoctrination? Why do we stop listening extremely deeply to others? What if the simple cure to our tunnel vision, our hard headedness … read more.

Water Communion

September 15th – Water Communion

Led by: Peter Holland and Scott Kunze

Music: Joseph L’Amour

Water Communion is a traditional ingathering service in many UU congregations. We will celebrate the new program year here at All Souls Church with the annual Water Communion service on Sunday, September … read more.

The Value of Depression

How can depression be beneficial?  What is the ancient instinct that triggers it? Who are some famous people who were depressed and what did they contribute?  Scott  Kunze will address the benefits/rewards of recovery.  There will be an opportunity for congregants to share.