Speaker: Peter Holland


On Sunday, 3/14/21, Peter Holland and Greg Boris will lead us in a worship service with the theme of “Remembrance.” We have long had a tradition in our church where we take one Sunday service a year to remember those who have passed away during … read more.

Remembrance Service

We pause to remember those who are no longer with us.  Both those who have been part of our local family and those who have been part of the larger family.  When our bodies are no longer capable we continue to live on in the … read more.

Water Communion

September 15th – Water Communion

Led by: Peter Holland and Scott Kunze

Music: Joseph L’Amour

Water Communion is a traditional ingathering service in many UU congregations. We will celebrate the new program year here at All Souls Church with the annual Water Communion service on Sunday, September … read more.

How Do UUs Integrate Body/Mind/Spirit?

Worship Service Coordinator: Scott Kunze; Music: Anne Waltner

The first half of the
20th century saw great improvements in public health expressed usually as an
increase in life expectancy.  The increase did not continue and poverty
has proved far more lethal than smoking, for example. So, what attention
should be … read more.