Rev. Ted Tollefson

Sermon: Light That Wants to Shine Needs Darkness

Most of the December holidays celebrate Light in some form: the Sun’s returning light at Solstice, Channukah’s  Temple lights, the birth of Jesus and Buddha’s Enlightenment. But what if Carl Jung is right in saying that “Light that wants to shine needs darkness”?  How does  the Light of December … read more.

Sermon: The Art of (un)Happiness

What if happiness or unhappiness are learned, not accidental?

A lively and memorable talk which looks at the habits of heart & mind which incline us towards a happy or unhappy life.

We’ll also pass out recipe cards so you can write … read more.

Re-Creation: How to Begin Again at Any Age

Our lives are full of change.  How can we begin again when we need a fresh start? If we’re not quitting and not tired, what are the lively alternatives? Rev. Tollefson will approach this topic through a seasonal model and also draw wisdom from older cultures.

Tao: The Watercourse Way

Taoism, the nature-religion of China, provides ways to reconnect body, mind, spirit, Nature.

Rev. Tollefson has been serving UU congregations in Minnesota and Wisconsin since 1980. He taught World Religions at United Theological Seminary for 20 years and now teaches Psychology at Metro State University in … read more.