Speaker: Rev. Ted Tollefson

Growing a Spiritual Life

What if every person already has a “spiritual practice”, that is, a way of increasing vitality, compassion, and relaxed alertness?  Then growing a spiritual life is more a matter of recognizing what we do and strengthening it rather than starting something new and heroic.

The Art of Dreaming

Each night every person dreams several times and during the day-time, when we’re bored or distracted, we day-dreaming. What is the purpose and possible use of our persistent dreaming? How has the history of invention and evolution been prompted by dreaming?

Holy Synergy

Rev. Ted Tollefson joins us for one of his monthly (roughly) thought provoking sessions.  “Holy Synergy!”  Rev. Ted Tollefson

What if our world were filled with events that are “extraordinary” but not necessarily “supernatural”?  Like Moses and the Burning Bush or Jesus and the miracle of … read more.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Speaker: Rev. Ted Tollefson

Worship Service Coordinator: Joy Hembel

Music: Debra Reid

The “Wizard of Oz” is an American fairy tale which contains practical guidance

about “the Good Life”, a Just society, the structure of our True Self, Women’s Rights and spiritual practices to realize our human potential. Would it surprise … read more.