Speaker: Rev. Ted Tollefson

Lessons Learned from Journey to Foreign Lands

Worship Service Coordinator: Mike Huber; Music: Joseph L’Amour

Kristen and I are
traveling in Japan this week. Here’s some of what we’re learning so far:

1. The Japanese have
mastered the design of the bath and the bed. We’re converting.

2. We have rarely met
a more courteous, frugal and kind people. Thanks … read more.

Mark Twain Returns with News of Heaven and Earth

Speaker: Rev. Ted Tollefson

Worship Service Coordinator: Peter Holland; Music: Deb Reid

Mr. Twain returns to share some of his writings that were not
published until 50 years after his apparent death.

The strangeness of heaven, earth and the connections between the
two excite the imagination and dumb-found common sense.

The … read more.

Jesus and Buddha: Two Messengers of Light

Speaker: Rev. Ted Tollefson

Worship Service Coordinator: Paul Thompson; Musician: Deb Reid

Jesus and Buddha: Two Messengers of Light

Both Jesus and Buddha taught ways of living a good life in the midst of persistent imperfection. Both were asked to resurrect the dead. Both spoke in parables about … read more.

What We Need is Here

Speaker: Rev. Ted Tollefson

WSC: Peter Holland; Music: Deb Reid

The tapestry of our living faith as UU’s is lovely and complex and yet there are some “golden threads” that unite us and give zest, meaning, and purpose to our lives. One of those threads is “What We … read more.

The Power of Compassion

The Power of Compassion – Rev Ted Tollefson

What if compassion is more than a warm feeling?  What if it’s a moral muscle that benefits from exercise and can become  an active force for doing good and living well?  

Membership Class will be held after … read more.

Living Faith

Faith that can sustain our lives in challenging times has more than one dimension. It includes what we believe. It also includes what we care deeply about. And sometimes it enables us to trust what is beyond our knowing. What if faith is like a three-legged stool—-where each leg has an important role to play?

Sermon: Light That Wants to Shine Needs Darkness

Most of the December holidays celebrate Light in some form: the Sun’s returning light at Solstice, Channukah’s  Temple lights, the birth of Jesus and Buddha’s Enlightenment. But what if Carl Jung is right in saying that “Light that wants to shine needs darkness”?  How does  the Light of December … read more.

Sermon: The Art of (un)Happiness

What if happiness or unhappiness are learned, not accidental?

A lively and memorable talk which looks at the habits of heart & mind which incline us towards a happy or unhappy life.

We’ll also pass out recipe cards so you can write … read more.

Re-Creation: How to Begin Again at Any Age

Our lives are full of change.  How can we begin again when we need a fresh start? If we’re not quitting and not tired, what are the lively alternatives? Rev. Tollefson will approach this topic through a seasonal model and also draw wisdom from older cultures.