Speaker: Rev. Laurie Bushbaum

Markings on the Heart

Worship Service Coordinator: Scott Kunze; Music: Joseph L’Amour

What is the role of memory:  to teach, to mentor, to help us pass the gift of love from generation to generation? Perhaps memories are a kind of hieroglyphics on the heart.

Rev. Laurie Bushbaum lives in … read more.

Sermon: “A Song, a Sword, and a Ribbon” 

Having just retired from 33 years as a UU Minister, I am pondering the meaning of VOCATION. What does it mean to be called to something? How do we hear the deepest songs of our souls and how do we learn a new dance when our life rhythm changes?

ABC, 1-2-3, and Theology

In February. of 1970, the Jackson 5 had a hit song with Michael singing the lead. The song lyrics tell us that learning love is as easy as ABC, 1-2-3, Do Re Me. Our UU principles are all about various expressions of loveAnd what about our First … read more.