Speaker: Rev. Allan Saugstad

Earth Day

Please join us over Zoom for a Worship Service this coming Sunday morning, April 18, 2021. We will start with announcements and “Joys & Concerns” about 9:45am with the chalice lighting at about 10am. The theme will be Earth Day. Hope to … read more.

Spring, Hope, and New Life

On March 21, 2021, our Minister Allan Saugstad spoke on the theme of “Spring, Hope and New Life.”

Taking place on the first full day of Spring–the season of new life, new birth, and hope–we hope you will be inspired to reflect upon what this season means … read more.

From Poets to Presidents – Our UU Heritage

Please join us over Zoom for our Worship Service with Minister Allan Saugstad this coming Sunday morning, Feb. 21, 2021. Minister Saugstad will give a message entitled “From Poets to Presidents–Our UU Heritage.” It will be a survey of influential Unitarian leaders, with applications to contemporary issues in American society … read more.