Speaker: Dr. David O’Hara

Dr. David O’Hara teaches a variety of courses, including ancient philosophy, American philosophy, environmental ethics, Asian philosophy, and philosophy of religion. He regularly teaches a course on classics in Greece, and a course on tropical rainforest and reef ecology in Belize and Guatemala. His most recent book is Downstream, (Cascade Press, 2014) about brook trout and the ecology of the Appalachians. He is also the author of Narnia and the Fields of Arbol: The Environmental Vision of C.S. Lewis (U. P. Kentucky, 2008). He is currently preparing an edited volume of the Religious Writings of American philosopher Charles S. Peirce.
Associate Professor, Philosophy and Classics
Department Chair, Augustana University

Building Bridges for Sustainable Living

David O’Hara has been a regular speaker at All Souls.  He is the Director of Sustainability at Augustana University, where he is also Professor of Philosophy, Classics, and Environmental Studies. He will talk about what sustainability is, how to build bridges with those who don’t … read more.

Wicked Problems in Environmental Ethics and Policy

“How do we love our neighbors while trying to solve difficult environmental problems?” Wicked problems are problems that are especially difficult to solve because of factors like incomplete information, changing environments and complex or interdependent systems. We will consider several “wicked” problems concerning nature and … read more.