Sermon: “The Roots of our UU Faith: Radical Unitarian Deists”

When I attended seminary in the 1970’s, I was taught that our UU faith in America began with “Liberal Christianity”. What if this story of beginnings is, at best, a partial truth?

Fifty years before William Ellery Channing helped invented Liberal Christianity, there were Unitarians and Universalists inspired by new discoveries in science, informed by western philosophy, engaged in creating democracy in America. Radical Unitarian Deists like Thomas Jefferson, John and Abigail Adams and the ever inventive Benjamin Franklin were the founders of our faith and, in their spare time, fought and won a revolution to set our nation free.

12 noon Workshop: “Growing our UU Faith”
Rev. Ted Tollefson and you!

With help from a self-score inventory, we’ll find our natural resources within the complex patterns of American UUism. Then we’ll begin the process of re-constructing our own theology.

Worship Coordinator: Scott Kunze
Music: Joseph L’Amour

An illustrated version of this sermon along with two self-score inventories and a study guide can be viewed and downloaded here  – Rev Unitarian Deists 2018.