Talk: Sankalpa: A Conduit to the Essence of Healing with Deb Yoder

Sankalpa: a Conduit to the Essence of Healing

Description: Sankalpa is your purpose for being, the reason you are here in this place and time. Several years ago I came to an awareness of my sankalpa. When I was introduced to the Himalayan bowls I learned the path I would follow to live it.

Bio: In the years I have lived in Sioux Falls I have been a math teacher, an administrative assistant and a professional librarian. It was during the time as a librarian that I became serious about yoga and trained to teach. When I heard the Himalayans at a “Women and Spirituality” conference in 2013 I understood that I needed to learn to play the bowls to deepen the yogic experience and to reach out to others who would benefit from the meditations of the bowls.


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