Talk: Enlightenment Through Creative Reuse

Enlightenment Through Creative Reuse


We welcome longtime All Souls’ friend Jess Miller back to speak during a family service about creating through reuse.
She will touch on how as artists we are co-creators with a Higher Power. And if we don’t create, whether it’s curtains or masterpieces, we are not giving ourselves an opportunity to be in communion with our Higher Power, nature, or “God.” And that’s something that our ancestors probably took for granted but it helps me sleep at night knowing that I am closer to my true self when I’m producing and my $80,000 art degree wasn’t all for naught, because it gives me courage to be a co-creator. And defiantly she states, “I will pay off those student loans with art and nonprofit work, because I get to be close to God while I’m doing it.”
Jess is a Mother, an Artist, and Executive Director of JAM Art & Supplies. She loves spending time with her daughter, at JAM, and out traveling in her newly remodeled school bus!