South Dakota Representative Insights from Around the World and Back in 50 Years

Worship Service Coordinator: Peter Holland; Musician: Cheryl Koch

Just returning from a trip to his Father’s childhood home in the Middle East with his children, Michael will share his personal journey and insights about world and South Dakota current events and history based on his work and travels. 

Dr. Saba is currently serving his first term as a Representative for District 09 in South Dakota. He served as the Director of International Development for Avera Health, the Director of Development for Sanford Children’s Clinics, founder of Sioux Falls in the World, serves on the Board for Translators of Cultures and several other Boards, and President of his own company to facilitate joint ventures with health care institutions worldwide.  

Dr. Saba worked as a Peace Corps Trainer for Malawi, Somalia, Kenya, Swaziland, and Malaysia. He has visited almost 100 countries and has met every U.S. President since Eisenhower with the exception of George W. Bush, although his brother Neil Bush is a personal friend. Also, Dr. Saba was taken hostage in Baghdad, has met Nelson Mandela, authored a book on his home state of North Dakota “Ethnic Heritage in North Dakota”.