Nurturing a Beautiful Mind

Speaker: Dan Davis

Worship Service Coordinator: Peter Holland

Discover how the inner state affects the outer environment and ways to control the former in order to live a more balanced life. The message of this service is intended to make listeners look at the differences between wants and needs more clearly. If the tools for finding peace and contentment on your spiritual journey are what your heart desires, be sure to spend your Sunday morning with our congregation.

Bio: Dan Davis first came to All Souls in February of 2015 seeking spiritual growth in an environment that presented little – if any – restrictions. A longtime martial artist, Dan immediately noticed similarities between Bruce Lee’s philosophy of having no way as a way and the freedom presented by Unitarian Universalism. Since then, Dan has completed the in gathering studies and has delivered presentations about his own spiritual journey and making compassion a verb. A Sioux City native, Dan moved to Sioux Falls in May of 2003, where he resides with his wife and daughter. When he isn’t speaking at All Souls or First Unitarian in his hometown, Dan teaches tai chi as another outlet to help others to develop spirituality and inner peace 

Next week: May 26th – Memorial Day Weekend – Yoga, Potluck & Games replaces the service.