Compassion, Empathy, and Annoyance

Speaker: Lawrence Diggs

Worship Service Coordinator: Mike Huber; Musician: Joseph L’Amour

Compassion, empathy and annoyance maintain a curious relationship with each other. One challenge in life is to learn how to use this relationship to our advantage. Let’s explore this relationship and see how this can be done.

BIO: Lawrence J. Diggs is busy living. His interests in life have spanned careers in broadcasting, health, the arts as well as food and culture. He has written and produced documentaries, written books, and made presentations around the world on various subjects. He has founded The International Vinegar Museum in South Dakota, designed and created a national emergency medical system in Burkina Faso and helped plan and build a Buddhist temple in San Francisco. He has been honored with numerous awards from various countries including a Medal of Honor with gold stars from Burkina Faso.

But underneath all of the activity he is searching for the point of it all. He is not sure he can find the answer, or even if there is an answer, but he feels it is important to keep searching. All of the activity is just a way to run experiments on life; to run “what if” scenarios in the hope that some useful nugget of knowledge will be uncovered.

We will also have an In-Gathering of a new member during this service.