Braving the Warm Summer Night

Worship Service Coordinator: Sue Ann Lang; Musician: Joseph L’Amour

Summer brings with it the season of back yard barbeques, weeding the garden, and soaking in every drop of sun after a long winter. We don’t like to think about the back breaking work of fall harvest or the return to school or the long winter surely yet to come. Summer is a time to let go of the future and enjoy right now. These times of rest and rejuvenation are important at any time of year, but sometimes it can be hard to remember them when we are filled with righteousness at a world where justice has not yet come to all. As we finish Pride month, let us reflect on the ways that we can stay in the fight for justice and also relax into the joys of celebrating summer.

Bio: Satya Tabachnick joins us from Watertown, SD where she lives with her partner and their cat. She graduated seminary in May 2018 and is currently on the road to see the UU Ministerial Fellowship Committee in fall 2020. Satya grew up UU in Upstate New York and finds her spiritual grounding in Judaism and Paganism.