Ministerial Search Update

Members of the Transition Team meet regularly as we seek a new minister for All Souls. We have implemented several outreach strategies in addition to posting our position on the UUA Settlement System website.

Team members had a conference call with Sharon Dittmar, our UUA liaison, on April 19. She indicated that half-time positions are very hard to fill. The time frame for such placements is random but could be up to 18 months. Summer is when most movement takes place. Positions are not available until after mid-June for ministers who are not yet in fellowship.

At our next meeting, we will prepare a “marketing plan” for our delegates to General Assembly and we will continue to leverage any and all networking possibilities.

If you have questions about our progress, please visit with any member of the team: Linda Hallstrom, Joy Hembel, Peter Holland, Terry Lang, Janelle Lenser, Mariah Lockhard.