February 4 – New Lessons from Teaching in Guatemala

Dr. O’Hara spent the month of January with students in Guatemala.  How has climate change affected the eco-system?  Or has it?

Our guest speaker Dr. David O’Hara, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Classics and Department Chair, Augustana University, teaches a variety of courses, including ancient philosophy, American philosophy, environmental ethics, Asian philosophy, and philosophy of religion.  He regularly teaches a course on classics in Greece and a course on tropical rainforest and reef ecology in Belize and Guatemala. His most recent book is Downstream, about brook trout and the ecology of the Appalachians.  He is also the author of Narnia and the Fields of Arbol: The Environmental Vision of C.S. Lewis. He is currently preparing an edited volume of the Religious Writings of American philosopher Charles S. Peirce.

Guest Speaker: Dr. David O’Hara
Coordinator: Mike Huber            Musician: Kristi Holler