Water Communion and Music by Vellamo

  Water Communion Sunday: Bring water from your summer travels to add with water from others. Vellamo, folk band from Finland, will entertain us once again.  “Vellamo combines the rich tradition of Finnish folksong with an appealing “retro” sensibility (recalling the likes of Judy Collins or Richard and Mimi Farina), creating a magical acoustic experience.

Patience is a virtue … for whom?

Guest Speaker: Diane Burkholder In light of our current sociopolitical climate, many of us are asking “What is my role in the fight for social justice?” Some feel overwhelmed; many spring into action, while others have been paralyzed by fear. When we hear messages about patience and “tolerance,” we must ask ourselves, “by whose definition?” … Continued

The Concept of Vocation

Aaron Matson will discuss his life’s faith journey and the concept of vocation. How we each can serve God through whatever roles or jobs we have in life, by performing those roles ethically, and by loving our neighbors and treating them with dignity and respect.