Rev. Fritz Hudson

The Care of Conscience

Our worship will begin with a Ceremony for All Ages:  We’ll join family and friends in dedicating our entire congregation to the spiritual nurturance of Henry Daniel Hamik, son of Allison and Dan Hamik.  Kelli Bultena, Chair of our Religious Education Committee, will join Rev. Hudson in leading the ceremony. The sermon will ask, What is the most important spiritual function, the source of all spiritual joy and happiness? (Ferenz David, founder of our world’s oldest Unitarian community, answered: It is conscience.) How do we develop and maintain a healthy conscience? What does it take to fulfill our church’s covenant to “affirm and promote . . . rights of conscience?”

Pregnant with Peace?

“In his Tao Te Ching, the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tse wrote: No peace in the world without peace in the nation; No peace in the nation without peace in the town; No peace in the town without peace in the home; No peace in the home without peace in the heart.” The dark and cold of this season turn us naturally toward interiors spaces. How can we find or form there the beginnings of newly peaceful life?”