Minister Sarah Caine


My last Sunday in the pulpit here at All Souls. I wish you courage in exploring how you can continue the good work in this community. Courage in going to those spots that need more attention. Shall we be brave together one more time?


I’ve heard that suffering is caused by resistance to what is, and yet, resistance to oppression is a noble pursuit. Let’s not get caught up in language, but explore the spirit of liberation through acceptance and challenge!

Creating Paradise

Let’s talk about what we expect from one another. Minister Caine will offer a homily instead of a sermon, then we will begin a group conversation about right relationship.

Father’s Day

Another complicated holiday, but aren’t they all? Minister Sarah will discuss Love and Grace as they connect to toxic masculinity vs true strength. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

Pride Week!

Minister Sarah explores Love and Grace as it relates to the different ways people are in relationship with each other. The tradition of the celebratory Pride we see now comes from a history rooted in silencing and shame. What can we learn from LGBTQIA history?


Many long to belong. How do we create the spaces for belonging? Minister Sarah speaks to this basic need. Stay after service for the Annual Meeting, another form of our interconnectedness and belonging!

Mother’s Day

“In the United States, the origins of the official holiday go back to 1870, when Julia Ward Howe – an abolitionist best remembered as the poet who wrote “Battle Hymn of the Republic” – worked to establish a Mother’s Peace Day. Howe dedicated the celebration to the eradication of war, and organized festivities in Boston for years.” ( Mother’s Day can be complicated. Let’s talk about it. Minister Sarah is in the pulpit.

Denomination, Movement, Religion

How do we harness such an creature as our UU identity? What is our Faith? Where is our faith? Minister Sarah shares some of her hope from and for our denomination.


Community is always changing, join us today to celebrate our newest members of All Souls. Minister Sarah will explore what membership means for our UU faith. How do we show up? What do we expect from each other?

Wonder Across Traditions

We Unitarian Universalists are not alone in the wonder we feel at the universe. As far back as humans go, there are explanations for the natural world. Join Minister Sarah Caine for this small peek at different expressions of “Oh, Wow!”