All Souls Members

Yoga, Potluck, Camaraderie

Relax on Labor Day Weekend at All Souls – Sunday, September 3rd Share some social time with your All Souls’ friends. Peter Holland will gather participants with a Chalice Lighting (10am), Yoga instructor Jeff Nelson will lead participants in gentle movement and meditation (until 10:45), with a potluck following the Yoga session.

Poetry Day

Children’s RE will present a poetry reading, sharing the poems they have worked on during January. Members and friends are invited to participate by bringing the work of a favorite poet or an original poem of your own.

Retrospective Inventory

We welcome the New Year by looking back — as we move forward — reminiscing about loved ones and others who died the previous year. What can we learn from loved ones or noted individuals who are no longer with us? Members sharing their stories of loss: Greg Boris on John Glenn, Linda Hallstrom on LanceTruman Hinkle, and Janet Kunze on Linda Shuts. We will then pass the microphone so that members of the congregation can briefly share and honor the lives of others who passed away in 2016.