January 2017 Children’s RE

January 2, 2018

January 7, 2018 – Chalice story Join us for a Chalice story! Our church is a place where we meet new friends and see old friends. We hope that children will find a sense of self and belonging growing from their experiences in RE class. January 14, 2018 – Jigsaw Puzzle Join us for a jigsaw puzzle. Today’s ...

All Souls Donates to “On Being”

January 2, 2018

One half of Sunday offerings received during January will support our sponsorship of On Being, the NPR program hosted by Krista Tippett. On Being explores questions that are central to human life and is the home of the Civil Conversations Project. During the weekly Sunday broadcast, listeners learn a little about All Souls with our tagline: “All ...

Ministerial Search is Approved

January 2, 2018

The Board has approved seeking and contracting with a half-time contract/consulting minister. The Transition Task Force has started the UUA ministerial search process. Task Force members are Linda Hallstrom, Joy Hembel, Peter Holland, Terry Lang, Janelle Lenser (ad hoc member, and Mariah Lockard.

Bake Sale Raises $940

January 2, 2018

The All Souls Fundraising Team, along with the enthusiastic help of members and friends, raised $940 at our two-Sunday Holiday Bake Sale. In the past few years our bake sale has earned about $500 for the church, so we have reason to be excited. This year the team decided to add several themed gift baskets in ...

January 7 – Retrospective Inventory

January 2, 2018

We welcome the New Year by looking back — as we move forward — reminiscing about loved ones and others who died the previous year. What can we learn from loved ones or noted individuals who are no longer with us? Members sharing their stories of loss, public or personal: Shelby Wentworth on Joyce Wentworth, ...

January 14 – Grace

January 2, 2018

Member Eric Berg will share his thoughts on Grace and how he feels it has impacted his life. Come to hear this wise one, a member of our congregation. Musician: Kristi Holler

January 21 – The Primacy of Perception

January 2, 2018

Guest Speaker: Rev. Ron Knapp We do not live in the world as it is but as it appears to be. We live in a world of perceptions. Coordinator: Sue Ann Lang             Musician: Kristi Holler

January 28 – Translators of Cultures-Minority Youth Advocacy

January 2, 2018

Guest Speaker: Irina Goubanova, director and founder of Translators of Cultures/Minority Youth Advocacy. The Translators of Cultures/Minority Youth Advocacy program has been in place for ten years and has three components: (1) Translators of Cultures Youth leaders (WHS students as well as minority students who are working or attending colleges and who are WHS alumni) (2) AMMY – ...

Charitable Giving and the All Souls’ Endowment Fund

January 2, 2018

Your church, All Souls, has an endowment fund.  An endowment fund is a vehicle to support the long term financial stability of the Church.  Gifting opportunities to this fund include planned gifts and outright gifts of current assets.  Currently All Souls has over $20,000 in this fund.  Interest earned from the fund helps defray our annual operating ...

Getting to Know UUS

December 28, 2017

Getting to Know UUs, the first of a series of bi-monthly gatherings, will be conducted by Mark Sanderson on Sunday, January 14, from 11:00 am to noon following the morning worship service.  Class Agenda: ·         Sharing our Life/Spiritual Journey…how we got here. ·         Unitarian Universalism, an historical overview ·         All Souls: Who we are, over 100 years in Sioux Falls  Material for further study will be given to ...