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May 6 -The Good Medicine of Mindfulness Poetry

Mindfulness poems invite us to bring our full self to whatever moment we’re in and truly live it. They encourage us to be more present, more attentive and compassionate, in the living of our days. They grant us a taste of being good enough, just as we are, in this world, just as it is—even as they inspire us to be more, to do more. They provide a refuge, where we can just be when we’re worn down. Join Phyllis Cole-Dai and Ruby Wilson, editors of Poetry of Presence: An Anthology of Mindfulness Poems, as together we explore how mindfulness poetry can sustain us on our journeys. No love of poetry required. No experience with mindfulness necessary. Just come and stay awhile, as the … Continued

May 13 – A Theory of Everything

Rev. Knapp says, “Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking both spent a life time working on what is called a unified field theory, or, in popular parlance, “a theory of everything.” In a way, so have I. They did not find their theory.  I believe I have found mine!” WSC: Mike Huber          Speaker: Rev. Ron Knapp                     Musician: Joseph L’Amore

May 20 – The Road Is Long

Linda Hallstrom, All Souls’ President-Elect, will talk about the long and winding road that finally and joyfully brought her to All Souls and Unitarian Universalism. Those who helped to guide her journey include Eliza Tupper Wilkes, Walt Whitman, and Mark Sanderson! WSC: Scott Kunze         Speaker: Linda Hallstrom                     Musician: Deb Reid  

May 27 – Memorial Day Potluck

Gentle Yoga and a Potluck. Please dress in comfortable clothes. Mike Huber will guide a gentle chair and mat yoga session in the Sanctuary. Afterwards, we will reconvene downstairs in Eliza’s Kitchen for a potluck. Please bring a prepared dish to pass. We will provide dinnerware and drinks.