All Souls Church Mission Statement

All Souls is a welcoming spiritual community.
We seek truth, practice love, and celebrate life.



Sept. 6  Starting at 10:30am. Concert with Finnish duo Vellamo.followed by a Pot luck picnic. Mark Sanderson will coordinate.  Vellamo is a duo from Finland.  Vellamo is the performing and songwriting team of Pia Leinonen and Joni Tiala. Their music is characterized by haunting melodies, Pia's ethereal lead vocals and Joni's virtuosic guitar stylings.


Sept. 13 – Water communion. We celebrate our lives and our travels with this annual observance. Bring your stories and a small amount of water collected on vacation or otherwise representative of your journey to share in the common bowl. “Virtual” water will be available for those who forgot to collect water from elsewhere. We also will talk about table hospitality and the deep roots of communion. What does it mean to be in communion, with each other and with the world? Rev. David Kraemer will lead.


Sept. 20 – Equinox. We will stand in the balance on this Sunday, celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. This time also marks the beginning of a long stretch of holy days across many traditions, including the High Holy Days of Judaism. As we enter the fall eating season, we will continue our consideration of hospitality and the love that brings us together around the table. Rev. David Kraemer will lead.


Sept. 27 – How do we extend hospitality?


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Now is the time, and here is the world, committed to our trust; and any form of activity that looks another way in neglect of their pressing appeals, may well be suspected as an evasion or a romance.
James Martineau